Welcome to my blog that’s dedicated to everything Lashes By Lacy can offer you. I am excited that you decided to check out my blog because I am going to be discussing everything about eyelashes and my waxing services. From eyelash extensions to eyelash tinting, I am going to cover the spectrum and go over what you need to know about my services and how they can be beneficial as well as how waxing can help give you your confidence back. In my blog, I’m going to be discussing eyelash extensions and the benefits, but I’m also going to cover the perfect lipstick color for your eyes as well as how you can avoid massive discomfort when you’re getting a wax — which can sometimes be unavoidable. While these tips and tricks are meant to help you, they’re also meant to provide you more information on what would be best for your lifestyle and to help make you feel like a beautiful woman. If you’re interested in taking advantage of my services, then take the time to book an appointment with me.

The Services I Can Offer You

So what services do I offer? That’s a great question! While my blog will dive into some fun topics, I’d like to take the time to lay out what I can offer you. The main two areas I focus on are eyelash extension and waxing services; however, what exactly does that entail? Well, just sit back and I’ll explain exactly how I can help you meet your own standards of beauty with my waxing and eyelash services.

Eyelash Services

Long eyelashes can be exactly what you need to catch the eye of that cute someone or give you the confidence you need to go for that promotion. Like anything beauty related, eyelash extensions will help you feel much more poised when you do anything — from washing the dishes to going on a fancy date. Lashes By Lacy offers first time eyelash allergy tests to ensure you can take advantage of the service. I also offer eyelash extension discounts to students. Additionally, I can do eyelash tinting, baths, and removal. Each of my eyelash services will make you feel like a vixen and will look naturally beautiful.

Waxing Services

Many women have unwanted hair across areas of their body. It’s understandable, sometimes your hormones are out of whack and sometimes it’s just genetics. With my waxing services, I can help you feel more confident when I remove all of those hairs decorating your face, jawline, or chin. Why should you have to deal with unsightly hairs when you can take advantage of waxing services? I offer full face, jawline, chin, and even underarm waxing! The full face waxing covers your lips, neck, chin, jawline, and your brows. Additionally, I also offer eyebrow shaping, which is always a bonus, especially when you get your eyelash extensions.

Why You Should Choose Us

First, I am Novalash certified. This means that the eyelash extensions that the adhesive I offer is oil proof and waterproof. The eyelash extensions that you get with me are beautifully natural, not garish looking. You can expect to leave my facility feeling beautiful and luxurious. With over 10 years of experience as a Lash Artist, I love everything to do with lashes and I have a lot of experience in the industry. Just let me know what you’d like done and we can work together to make you look and feel like a billion dollars — not just a million, I like to go above and beyond.

When you come to Lashes By Lacy, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere. I’ll answer all of your questions to ensure you’re comfortable with each service you want to get. My number one priority is making sure that you’re satisfied and to ensure lash integrity. This means that when I work on you, you can expect to have lashes that are naturally alluring. When you consider the question why you should choose Lashes By Lacy, I can offer you many different benefits, but most importantly, I can offer you honesty, trust, and experience.

If you’d like to try my services, then reach out to me today and I’ll get started on making you feel like a goddess.