Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t get self-conscious, even when you look your absolute best. Take advantage of the beauty services Lashes By Lacy can offer you to help eliminate that self-conscious feeling and help you feel beautiful. While beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes, many women and men want to follow the standard society has set. Now with our eyelash extensions and other beneficial beauty services, you can feel and look gorgeous by your own standards. Below, you’ll find a variety of our beauty services and a little explanation, so you can choose the right one. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with us to take advantage of everything Lashes By Lacy can offer you.


Achieve show-stopping results with a customized set of Novalash lash extensions. Getting eyelash extension can be an enjoyable process because you just lay back and allow us to do all the work. They’re long lasting and make your eyes pop beautifully.

$150.00 | 120 min


Lashes By Lacy welcomes all new clients who want their lashes filled or who would like to take advantage of another service. Please use this booking feature for lash fills that is not on my original work. I price according to what percentage of EE you come in with.

$75.00 | 105 min


Lash extensions need to be maintained every two to three weeks depending on lifestyle and home care. If you get eyelash extensions, you’ll want to take advantage of this service to ensure your lashes look incredible all of the time.

$55.00 | 90 min


Lash extensions specifically for students ONLY please. Lashes By Lacy welcomes those who are going through the grueling process of getting an education! Just because you might be on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy eyelash extensions.

Price Varies | 120 min


Lash line cleanse, rinse and dry your eyelashes. This service is great to add if you will be wearing any makeup to your appointment. This service can be added to fill the price if needed. And eyelash bath is relaxing and soothing.

$15.00 | 15 min


If you’d like to remove the extensions, then I can do that too! This service includes eyelash extension removal and clean-up of your natural lashes, which can help them be healthy and beautiful.

$20.00 | 30 min


Is this your first time getting eyelash extensions? If you’re considering getting eyelash extensions, then the first step you’ll want to take is a lash allergy test. Come in for a consultation and allergy test.

$0.00 | 30 min


Do you want lashes that curl beautifully? Are you looking for an alternative to eyelash extensions? This treatment will give your natural lashes a gorgeous curl lasting approximately six weeks and is a great alternative to lash extensions.

$55.00+ | 60 min


This service will change the color of your eyelashes. Take your lashes from light to dark with a lash design service. Rich, dark color lasts approximately six weeks and is beautifully alluring.

$30.00 | 30 min


Make your eyebrows look superb when you utilize this eyebrow shaping service. Customized the look of your eyebrows with shaping.

$20.00 | 15 min


If you have some unsightly hair on your upper lip, then it’s time to get rid of it with our waxing services. Fast and simple, this service will help you feel beautiful again.

$12.00 | 15 min


Waxing your nose hairs away will sting a bit, but in the long run, you’ll feel much more beautiful. Take advantage of this service by eliminating those unwanted hairs.

$12.00 | 15 min


Get rid of unsightly hairs on your chin with this service. Everyone has a few hairs to get rid of on their chin and now you can get rid of yours with waxing.

$12.00 | 15 min


Do you have strands of hair making you feel self-conscious? Eliminate those with our jawline waxing service.

$15.00 | 15 min


This waxing service is a must for those who want to eliminate hairs all over their face. The full face waxing service includes the brows, lips, chin, jaw and the neck. Get rid of those annoying hairs by scheduling an appointment for this service.

$55.00 | 45 min


Why shave when you could wax the hair under your arms? This service will last longer than shaving and be much more beneficial in the long run.

$25.00 | 30 min

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