Choosing the right lipstick can be a hassle no matter how old you may be. If you’re a mature woman, then it can be difficult to match your skin tone with the right lipstick. If you’re just getting into lipstick, then it can be difficult to find a color that doesn’t make you look like a clown at a five year old’s birthday party.

In today’s blog, we’ll be going over the right lipstick color to match with your eyes. After all, you’ll want a gorgeous shade to really make your eyelash extensions look even more vivacious and fun. Once you’ve taken advantage of my eyelash extension service, you should take the time to experiment with different makeup looks to make them pop even more. While wearing no makeup is always a refreshing choice, sometimes it’s nice to get a little dolled up, especially when you want to show off your new beauty choice. Once you’ve gotten eyelash extensions, take some time to figure out how you can match your beautiful eyes with a lipstick color that will make heads turn.

Find Your Eye Color!

Become even more alluring when you choose the right lipstick color to make your eyelash extensions look even better. Go right to your eye color and find out some ways you can make your makeup so much better. Lipstick is really what pulls your whole look together and makes your eyes look luminescent.


Do you have beautiful brown eyes? Brown eyes are some of the most beautiful, especially since there’s an entire song dedicated to this eye color. Van Morrison wrote Brown Eyed Girl, which is such a classic. If you have brown eyes, then you can wear many different colors. A beautiful crimson always makes your brown eyes pop with vibrancy. Soft natural tones are also a way to really offset your eyes. Another color to try if you have brown eyes are deep pinks such as Mesmerizing Magenta.


Do you have enchanting hazel eyes? Hazel eyes are such a beautiful contrast of brown and green. These ever changing eyes look beautiful in medium brown shades or rouge lipsticks. Fortunately, if you have hazel eyes, then you can be a bit more eccentric with your lipstick color. For instance, you can try berry plum tones or purple lips to really make your hazel eyes pop with color and beauty. Hazel eyes are such a versatile eye color because you can go a little more dramatic.


Were you fortunate to be born with bright blue eyes? If so, then these lipstick tones will make your eyes and your lashes look that more luxurious. You can try coral or orange coloring for your lips because it complements your blue even more. Dusty pink is another shade that’s absolutely beautiful on those who were born with blue eyes.


Are you lucky enough to have grey eyes? This seldom seen eye color is enchanting and perfect for those who love deep plums or light beiges. Grey eyes go beautifully with deep plum coloring because it makes the flecks of light really burst with beauty. If you like lighter tones, then you can also wear light beige.


Are you fortunate enough to have gorgeous green eyes? While there are many jokes about green-eyed monsters and jealousy, green is an exceptional color. Green eyes are absolutely magnificent, especially paired with a gorgeous lipstick shade. Any range of pink is a perfect shade of lipstick for those with green eyes. From rouge to magenta, green eyes will pop with beauty when you apply these tones. You can also try light oranges if you’d like to mix up your usual routine.


Were you born with amber eyes? These rare and stunning eyes are warm and luminescent. Amber eyes go best with warm oranges or cool pinks. Specifically, if you’d really like to wow the crowd, then a beautiful mauve color would do just nicely. Amber eyes also look absolutely stunning in red tones because they make the eyes more piercing.

Have you found your right lip color for your eye color? Make sure that you feel like a goddess everytime you leave the house when you have eyelash extensions to make your eyes look gorgeous and the right lip color to make your lips look luscious. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more!