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Your eyelashes frame your eyes and make them pop with alluring beauty. As a Lash Artist, I want to help you obtain your desirable beauty standard by finding the right eyelash service for your lifestyle. With just a sultry look of your eyes, you can make heads turn. While some people may find eyelashes a nuisance, especially when they get into your eyes, they are truly beautiful and sensual. With long eyelashes, you can feel feminine and sultry. More importantly, long lashes make you feel like a goddess.

When you blink those long lashes at that cute person across the room, or you look at someone with wide, explorative eyes, you feel empowered, like you can do anything you want. At Lashes By Lacy, I can help you feel like a vixen when you come to me for eyelash extensions and waxing services. Bring a little liberation and sensuality to your life when you try out my eyelash extensions and waxing services. Contact us today if you’d like to book an appointment for one of my services.

Meet The Founder Of Lashes By Lacy

Welcome to Lashes By Lacy! I am excited that you decided to check out my beauty services. I have been working as a Lash Artist since 2005 and love every single moment of it. I am Novalash certified, which means my lash extension adhesive is OIL PROOF & WATERPROOF! No other lash extension brand can claim those results. No other eyelash extension brand can make your lashes look so natural and luscious. Client satisfaction and lash integrity are the utmost important factors when building a relationship with you.

I strive to ensure that you’re satisfied with the results and you feel like a goddess anytime you leave my establishment. Long eyelashes or eliminating unsightly hairs will help you feel more in tune with your femininity. I look forward to answering any questions or helping you book an appointment today for my eyelash extension or waxing services. Whether you’re a first time client or you’re a returning one, I can help you feel alluring.

A Brief Introduction To Our Services

At Lashes By Lacy, I offer a myriad of services that will make you feel gorgeous. As a woman, you want to feel and look your best. I want to feel wanted, delicate, and beautiful and that’s exactly what my services can do for you. I can make you feel delicate and soft when you take advantage of my eyelash extension services. I can make you feel empowered and naturally beautiful with the lash fills. If you want to have healthy lashes, then the lash bath will remove makeup and other debris that might have found its way into your lashes.

Additionally, my waxing services will make you feel like a whole new woman. Eliminate those unsightly hairs with brow shaping, full face waxing, and underarm hair removal. Whatever you may be looking to remove or shape, Lashes By Lacy can help you achieve your personal beauty standard.

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Are you ready to book an appointment with me? If you’re a first time customer, then don’t feel shy or hesitant about coming in. My main goal is to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated when you leave. Feel free to ask me any questions you have and remember that my services are meant to help you feel beautiful.